Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday Reads for 11 Jan 2013

My Goodreads Reading Challenge for 2013 is to read (at least) 30 books. I looked around my couch and made a list of 26 “to read” books that were either on my Kindle, Nook, or coffee table. Some of these are Friday Finds because I recently got them in ebook form from the library.

There are plenty of books I have stashed away that I can still get to but after making this list, I get the idea that I do not need to purchase any more books. Well, until I bump my challenge number to 40 or 50. I don’t think I’ll ever stop finding new books I want to read.

  1. Novel Writing - Marshall
  2. The Truth About Forever - Dessen
  3. Along for the Ride - Dessen
  4. Beautiful Creatures - Garcia and Stohl
  5. Reading like a Writer - Prose
  6. Liar and Spy - Stead
  7. The Diary of Anne Frank - Frank
  8. If I Stay - Foreman
  9. Eve - Carey
  10. Adoration of Jenna Fox - Pearson
  11. Cold Kiss - Garvey
  12. Hollowland - Hocking
  13. Must Love Dogs - Cook
  14. The Summer I Turned Pretty - Han
  15. The Great Gatsby - Fitzgerald
  16. Bright Young Things - Godbersen
  17. Pretty Little Liars: Killer - Shepard
  18. Pretty Little Liars: Heartless - Shepard
  19. Burn for Burn - Han and Vivian
  20. Matched - Condie
  21. One Day - Nicholls
  22. The Secret Life of Bees – Kidd
  23. Glass – Hopkins
  24. Mockingjay – Collins
  25. All the Wrong Questions? – Snicket
  26. Divergent – Roth

Of course I also have classics to finish reading like Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre.

Again, these are books that I can access right now. There are plenty of others on my “to read” list.


  1. that's a great list! I'm sure you'll have no problems meeting your goals!

    1. Thank you. For the first time in a while, I'm reading more than one at a time. I have two ways to read eBooks now! :-)